Hovaroth the Goblin Town
Adventure Begins

"It is said that Goblins have fire in their blood and magic in their minds. But not me. My blood runs with the salt of the sea, and my mind is filled with visions of hard iron breaking through cold waves."


- Captain Gull of the Prosperity


Hovaroth is the newest of the Goblin villages, and it is not found along the slopes of the great volcano. No, the founders of Hovaroth tired of mountain slopes. Instead they packed iron, steel, and ingenuity and traveled north to a small path of land nestled between the Sea of Storms and the Valley of the Ancients. The town us surrounded by the jagged peaks that surround the valley. And where it is not surrounded by mountains it is surrounded by the strange alien forests that set the Valley of the Ancients a part from the rest of Faejar.

But the Valley of Ancients is not the reason that Goblins came to Hovaroth. They came to set their minds against the Sea of Storms, and to conquer the waters. The founders of Hovaroth dreamed of iron ships fuelled by steam and smoke. They envisioned metal sink ships that would crawl across the water's bottom. 

And over all they've had great success. Sure, there were three or four failures, great iron vessels unfit for the sea that crashed beneath the waves, all hands lost to the depths. And yes, the red mist that occasionally roles in from the alien forest come with a price. And of course there was the brief struggle with the Aaracokra tribe that claimed this land as their own.

But Goblins don't look back, the only press forward. And now seven iron clads drag fishing nets behind them, bringing in so much fish that the Goblins hardly know what to do with it all. Two sink ships are under construction in the ship yard, and the future looks bright.

But what brings you to Hovaroth? Is it the lure of knowledge, the desire to see the iron ships far to heavy to float surfing the waves? Or is it to trade for the surplus of fish, or to offer the town a source of metal that it eats up like sweet cakes? Or maybe you are here because it is the closest light of civilization to the Valley of the Ancients. Maybe you desire to strike into the strange forest and be one of the first to see the fungal clearings with mushrooms tall as trees. 

Whatever your reasons, disaster has fallen on the small Goblin town. Earlier this afternoon, while out trawling the waters, one the seven iron clads was attacked. Stories are already spreading about how the Prosperity was lost.

"Creatures made of sea weed rose from the water and wrapped around the ship, pulling it into the depths."

"No, that's not right at all! The Aaracokra have returned after fifty years for vengance. The Prosperity is only the first attack! "

"But I heard the crew was attacked by an army of skeletons that rose from the ocean and swarmed over the ship!"

Each story is more ludicrous than the last. Every Goblin in Hovaroth thinks they know the true story. But like so many things, truth is often lost during times of crisis.

Gavitz Jarshall, the Chief of Hovaroth, has reached out to each one of you and asked that you meet him in the ship yards to discuss what happened. Word is, he has a job for you. And at the very least he knows the real story.


OOC: I'm pretty open during character creation. You can play any race but human, including Goblins and Aasimar. All the racial stats can be found in Character Creation. We are using the point buy system in the Player's Handbook to determine stats. All I ask is that you create a character that feels a call to action. It doesn't have to be a good character, but you have to want to help people. Maybe it's because you believe that helping people is a cause in itself. Or maybe it's because helping people brings profit. I don't care what your motivation is. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Discord. 

Last, regarding the map… it should be flipped East to West. The Sea of Storms is off the town's East coast. I'm going to leave the map as is – but it's something to consider.




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